Northern Experience

We work with Indigenous communities throughout Canada to provide staffing solutions to the communities who needs it the most. The North has unforgettable experiences to offer:
From winter sports to the northern lights, there is always something to do or see in these culture-rich communities.

Looking for the perfect balance between snow and sun?

Sign up for one of our Northern Adventure contract, and you will receive our full concierge service to connect you to your ultimate American Adventure

We can get you licensed and travel ready while you enjoy life in the Great White North.

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Choose your Adventure

From Yukon to Nunavut, the possibilities are endless. With a vast choice of clinical settings and the possibility to enroll in an expanded role training, the North is a great place to push your career forward.

We know working in a more remote area can sometimes be intimidating, but you will never feel alone with CollectivCare. Our Adventure Expert team will follow you wherever you go, hosting weekly virtual meetups and connecting you to the local experiences to ensure you feel part of your new community.

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If you embark on our Northern Adventure while completing your TN for the USA travels, we provide bonuses!!

Canadian North Nurse - 24 weeks

16-weeks of contracts

Licensing package: Receive CC concierge service and we cover the fees of your TN Visa process for any American Adventure

Canadian Nurse North 36 weeks

24-weeks of contracts

Relocation package: Receive an extra $1000 relocation bonus + Every advantage of our Licensing package

Expanded role training

We provide a free 4-week training program for any RN signing up for a Northern Adventure contract to ensure they have the knowledge and confidence to exceed even their own expectations.

Our Training Program Includes


Complementary and paid
4-week training


Medical knowledge manual for specific techniques


Taught by a physician, a
midwife, an ACLS instructor
and an extended role nurse


Study guide & Northern life


Small group training (8-12 nurses)


Recognized by northern health organizations


Ongoing support from the CollectivCare team for the whole length of your Adventure

You will receive relevant theory and
practical training for

Services 1


Services 2


Services 3


Services 4


Services 5


Start your Northern Experience

Our CollectivCare team can make your northern experience is memorable thanks to the years of experience we acquired working with Northern communities. We offer the best packages for Canadian travel nurses wanting to explore this unique part of the world, offering suitable accommodations and financial incentives. Our organization is the leading advisor for travel nursing contracts in Northern Canada, discover why!

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