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We are believers of the power of communities to make personal and collective health flourish. That’s why we are committed to give back to organizations that contribute to make our cities healthier and happier places. Our Non-profit is empowering communities by giving back to local organizations dedicated to enhancing the health consciousness of community members. We thrive on helping communities find creative ways to care for their own and learn to relieve everyday stress how they see fit.

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Nurse Health

Proactive health

While it’s reassuring to be able to rely on Nurses and HCPs in case of sickness or emergencies, CollectivCare is advocating for a more proactive society health wise. We invest in programs helping individuals become more active and health conscious, in harmony with their cultural beliefs and traditions.

Nurses are always dedicated to care for their fellow community members. We can take care of them too by cherishing our own health so that the healthcare system is under less strain. Our Give Back Programs focus on both physical and mental health to enhance the overall community wellbeing. We are proud to say that 5% of all proceeds goes towards local community programs that proactively address health of kids and disadvantaged people in the North of Canada.

First Assist
Indigenous Broomball Athletes
Proactively addressing youth health in Indigenous communities through sport
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Preventative health

CollectivCare ensures communities get the best healthcare possible by staffing facilities with competent nurses. But we also take pride in making sure people don't have to completely rely on the health care system through our partner programs teaching healthy habits to young and underprivileged community members. There is indeed no better remedy than not getting sick in the first place!

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Apply for funding

Do you support the local community with programs or services that serve youth, the underprivileged or those with disabilities? If you run a Charitable program in this space, we would love for you to apply and see how we can help you care for your community.