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  • You have interests, we have adventures, our patent algorithm matches your interests to different opportunities where you can thrive inside and outside your workplace. 
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  • Ever wanted to experience the vivid northern lights, jump on a dogsled or see a polar bear. Fun in the snow or the sun, you choose your adventure with our community.

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Meet likeminded Nurses & Travel Nurses, whether you are in a new city or still enjoying your hometown, connect with new people and places to create the lifestyle you have always imagined. Explore what your new city has to offer both professionally and socially, all while building a lifelong supportive network.

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We provide you with the best insights, exciting events and new friends, all before you even step foot in a new city. Find your new home for the next 13 weeks or 13+ years, wherever you go the possibilities are endless.

Passion meets purpose

Passion meets Purpose

You fulfill a purpose and meaning most can only imagine: Caring and providing support for those who need it the most in your community. The current healthcare environment loads a heavy burden on the shoulders of the caring professionals without providing them a network where they can thrive. Let us show you how a healthy support system can relieve the mental, physical, or emotional drain resulting from your daily grind. We all have our individual stories, needs and desires. We now collectively have a place to share, support and live our best lives where and how we see fit.

CollectivCare is a Nurse-owned and operated organization focused on supporting the needs of healthcare professionals.

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